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I’m now one week post undergoing a total hysterectomy surgery. I’m 38 years old. Here’s my story thus far…

As I write now, the morning after the course of opioid based pain medication I was prescribed finished, I sit in a puddle of emotions. Over the last week I’ve been in a bit of a stoned cloud of dulled senses. As I emerge from that I note the surfacing of emotions and physical sensations that have been gurgling quietly under the haze. I write these words as a process of catharsis for myself, and also to share my story.


A few words to paint a picture of Suze Duby, as part of the process of remembering, reflecting, grieving and honouring… A portrait of an artist, a woman, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a lover, a wife, a human.

— co-written by various Dubys

Suzette Thelma Duby was born in Pretoria on 29 August 1949 to Georges and Molly Duby. As a child she spent some years in what was then Nyasaland (now Malawi). The bright exuberance of the local markets there filled her childhood with colour.

Returning to South Africa she attended Pretoria Girls High School where she…

Zoe Duby

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